Monday, January 02, 2006

i got my Serenity

oh yes i did! and i spent yesterday watching ALL of it. including extras. man, i love that show. anyhow, here's some good stuff to feed your obsession:

interview with cap'n mal (i mean, nathan fillion)

interview with adam baldwin

summer glau interview (and the river tam sessions, for reference - if you haven't seen these, go see them! released last summer as part of serenity pre-publicity. eerily haunting, yes.)

interview with nathan fillion and his mom

and here, i hope, are the easter egg instructions (found on the internet, not tried yet):

On the main menu of the disc, while highlighting PLAY, press LEFT on your DVD remote. It will highlight an icon on the right side of the screen (yes, it'll be on the right) that looks like a trapezoid with a circle in it. Select it, and enjoy the Easter Egg.

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