Saturday, January 14, 2006


me, i just went, for the second time, on a test ride up to where i work, which is ONLY accessible from the I-35 access road. dang. i generally take I-35 all the way up, but that's not feasible on the lil' critter.

anyhow, i just put 20 miles on my scooter in one go! i'm very proud of myself...i'm pretty sure i could do this, come rush hour on tuesday. unless it's raining. ANYHOW it was a good ride, and i was even on interstate access road for a little while! AND survived! i got the speedometer up to 55+, but i'm not sure if that's a real 55...at least it was 50, since i was keepin' up with the traffic pretty well.

the only scary spot was while turning from a busy street onto a smaller street...but this car was riding RIGHT on my ass, so i was hitting the brakes a tiny bit for quite a while before i actually slowed, hoping he'd see my brake lights and back off a bit. well, he didn't, and so i took that turn too fast (although i'd already judged i could take the turn WIDE since it was a two-lane road i was turning onto, and noone else was anywhere nearby). slammed on the brakes a bit harder than i meant to, and the back end wobbled all the way through the turn! yeesh. came out of it just fine, just a little shaken. there's gotta be a better way. stupid cars on your ass. stupid tailgaters.

i don't know if i slammed on the rear brakes and locked the wheel, or if i slammed on the front brakes and the rear wheel lost traction, either way. something more to work on. brake practice.

ah well. i rock! i could commute! it's just a question of when....

(think i'll take another couple of test rides this weekend...i wanna know that route really really well. baby steps. yes.)

that windshield really makes a difference, too. i love it! next, the rack, and i'll be all set for all my commutin' needs.

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