Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Casting Couch will be playing at Beerland on Wednesday, Feb. 15 with The Shim Shams and The Shells. Come out and celebrate surviving yet another Valentine's Day...

The Shells play first, followed by The Shim Shams. We'll cap off the evening. We just might even play a few of the new songs we've been preparing lately...

And succumbing to public outcry, we'll be playing at the Carousel Lounge on Thursday, Feb. 16 as well, just so you can doubly satisfy your Couch-jones this week. It's a reunion, of sorts, as we are joined by Parks and Wildlife and the Distant Seconds, both bands featuring members of the legendary Trouble Down South, the band that kicked off my career as a Hot Bassist Chick, a seminal group that truly defined, if not outright coopted, the term 'cowpunk.'

see you soon!

the casting couch

from the i eat records website, .mp3s to tide you over until the show:
Song About Dying
Row your Boat

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