Thursday, February 23, 2006

a new genuine scooter model?

Black Cat® Marketing USA and Genuine Scooter Co. Announce Strategic Brand Association

Chicago, IL / Prairie Village, KS (February 16, 2006): Today, the Leading Consumer Brand of Fireworks in the US, Black Cat®, and the makers of Stella® - one of America's most popular motor scooters, Genuine Scooter Company, announced an exciting and innovative Brand association.

Genuine Scooter has been awarded an exclusive License for the Black Cat® brand, to be used in their upcoming, top of the line 50cc Sport Model, expected to be in dealer showrooms by late April of this year.

"As we continue to build on our Brand's strongest attributes, we believe we have another homerun with this partnership", said Adrian Toader, VP of Marketing and Brand Management for Black Cat Marketing USA. "The common fun, nostalgia, and non-conformist attributes of our Brands make for some incredible and unique synergies!".

Philip McCaleb of Genuine Scooter Company added: "This co-branding opportunity hits right on target to put a "bang" into the introduction of a unique product, the Black Cat scooter. An 'explosive' performer, it will be a blast for every firework's lover and scooter enthusiast in America. We feel this product will be an instant hit and 'collectible- right out of the box.' We are grateful for the opportunity to launch the Black Cat scooter through our USA dealer network and pleased that our partners at Black Cat Marketing share our enthusiasm."

The two companies are planning a variety of cross-marketing and promotional programs that will take advantage of the parallel tracks that the Scooter launch and the Fireworks season are taking this year. More details on these programs, to span the April-July 2006 timeframe, will be posted at the companies' respective web sites: www.BlackCatFireworks.com and www.genuinescooter.com.

hmmmm. i'm not sure what i think of this. i mean, theoretically, i should be all about black cats. but here i sit, thinking of the classic steel body and "real deal, not a 'retro-inspired' copy" hype of the genuine stella, and i wonder what genuine is thinking?

aside from the plastic-bodied TNG-ness of the whole thing, the graphics just aren't good! it seems like with a "black cat fireworks" theme you could have some sorta cool punk/rockabilly theme goin' on, reflecting the underground scooter culture and it's contrariness against both the harley crowd AND those steel can drivers.

i guess i was hoping they'd come up with some sorta small-framed metal bodied 50cc scoot, since i assumed they'd want a 50cc in their lineup.

ah well.

here's those new scoots. see what you think:

me, i still prefer the classic.

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