Sunday, February 26, 2006

once roe v. wade is overturned...then what? Athenae speaks wise. just what IS the great American right wing going to do if/when the Supreme Court of the land manages to ban all abortion? work on getting rid of the circumstances that might lead a woman to seek an abortion in the first place? work on eradicating poverty? work on getting the hungry fed and the naked clothed? work on various other ideals that the biblical jesus christ actually wanted his followers to believe in and act on? or are they going to instead turn on those that they feel have sinned in ways that involve only their own personal sex lives and make darn sure that they're damned to any kind of hell possible, not only in the next world, but this one, too...

on which do you think they'll choose to focus?

(speaking of, i've been meaning to add first draft to the sidebar for a while now. think i'll go ahead and do that.)

(aw heck, i've been meaning to add firedoglake, glenn greenwald's unclaimed territory, americablog, and feministe for quite a while anyhow. here the are! enjoy! they're all excellent.)

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