Tuesday, March 28, 2006

UPDATES TO THIS BLOG, etc, etc, etc...

okay, first of all, I’ve been voraciously reading the language log for days, nay, even months now, and if you’re the kind of language/etymology geek that I tend to be, you’ll be SOO happy to have this link. Don’t click on it unless you’re prepared to spend at least an afternoon there.

SECONDLY I’ve got another scooter link! One that links back to me, even! just gotta scoot is a website dedicated to the scooter-obsessed, those who’d rather be out riding than doing most anything else. And it’s ESPECiALLY good on days like today (at least in austin) where it’s dreary and rainy out, too wet and thunderstormy and flash-flood-warning-in-travis-county-y to even consider riding (unless you’ve got an amphiscoot). You can click on the link above and be transported to a world of nothing but scooters, scooter links, scooter talk, all the time! And now they’re in the scootin’ sidebar.

just gotta scoot has even got a link to ME! I’ve just gotta get ‘round to sending in my scooter story for ‘em. (But they did come up with the best julie scootin’ logo EVER!)

aw yeah.

Monday, March 27, 2006

scootin' around tulsa with the Northside Drifters.

makes you just wanna go home, get the scoot, and go out into the countryside, doesn't it?

(nice blue stella in that video!)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

crooning at the austin mopeds/urban pollution SXSW day party:

(look! a moped!)

then we rushed over to play the eastside scootenanny @ red's scoot inn, where, for some reason, they turned out the lights while the musicians played, only to turn them back on during the sets. hmmm.

and, as promised, our drummer matt, in all his glory:

Friday, March 17, 2006

the casting couch at spiderhouse, SXSW day show 3/17/2006:

aw yeah. and

we're so cute!

tomorrow: photos of matt.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

another great free SXSW show resource...how could i have neglected to link to Oh My Rockness -- SXSW's indie rock show list!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

11th Annual SXEastAustin: SXSW comes to Cherrywood!

it's on thursday this year! it's gonna be good. directions can be found at the link above.

1:00 The Golden Dogs Toronto, Canada
2:00 The Figurines Copenhagen, Denmark
3:00 Rocky Votolato Seattle, WA
4:00 The Long Winters Seattle, WA
5:00 The Lemurs Austin, TX
6:00 Pink Mountaintops Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

resources for SXSW 2006...

aside from the official SXSW schedule of showcases, that is, here's where to find the day shows!!

you gotta go looksee at the only two resources you could possibly need for daytime SXSW enjoyment: showlist austin and lil' deb's monkey ranch. they'll update you on everything you need to know, including what's free, what's not, where things are, who's playing where, etc....

of course, pay special attention to the fact that the casting couch will be playing at three day shows...

FRIDAY 3/17:
i eat records and austinist party:
1PM @ spiderhouse (2908 Fruth St.) (even though showlist austin has us at 3, we're really playing at 1!!!)

progress coffee, austin mopeds, and urban pollution party:
12:30PM @ progress coffee (500 San Marcos St., two blocks East of IH35 on 5th St.)


management music and team clermont party:
2:45PM @ Red's Scoot Inn (1308 E.4th St.)

come have an afternoon beer with the casting couch!

Friday, March 10, 2006

we're back! had a great minitour of the southeast, managed to play amazing shows, have a great time, meet some wonderful new people, and visit with old friends. now i just need to catch up on my sleep.

it took a while to create, but now you can see the casting couch tour 2006 in all its flickr-slideshow glory!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Casting Couch is embarking on a short tour of the Southeast, spreading couch love as far as we can in one fell swoop... If you know anyone in these places, let them know we'll be in these towns on these dates! we guarantee we put on a great show.

Thur. March 2 - Beaumont, TX - The Vortex
Fri. March 3 - Baton Rouge, LA - Red Star
Sat. March 4 - Hattiesburg, MS - The Thirsty Hippo
Sun. March 5 - Birmingham, AL - The Nick
Mon. March 6 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt
Tue. March 7 - Nashville, TN - Caffeine Cafe & Bar

and we'll be back in time for assorted SXSW festivities, including day shows on Friday and Saturday...details to follow...

have a good vacation! i know we will!!! :)


The Casting Couch

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