Tuesday, March 14, 2006

resources for SXSW 2006...

aside from the official SXSW schedule of showcases, that is, here's where to find the day shows!!

you gotta go looksee at the only two resources you could possibly need for daytime SXSW enjoyment: showlist austin and lil' deb's monkey ranch. they'll update you on everything you need to know, including what's free, what's not, where things are, who's playing where, etc....

of course, pay special attention to the fact that the casting couch will be playing at three day shows...

FRIDAY 3/17:
i eat records and austinist party:
1PM @ spiderhouse (2908 Fruth St.) (even though showlist austin has us at 3, we're really playing at 1!!!)

progress coffee, austin mopeds, and urban pollution party:
12:30PM @ progress coffee (500 San Marcos St., two blocks East of IH35 on 5th St.)


management music and team clermont party:
2:45PM @ Red's Scoot Inn (1308 E.4th St.)

come have an afternoon beer with the casting couch!

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