Tuesday, March 28, 2006

UPDATES TO THIS BLOG, etc, etc, etc...

okay, first of all, I’ve been voraciously reading the language log for days, nay, even months now, and if you’re the kind of language/etymology geek that I tend to be, you’ll be SOO happy to have this link. Don’t click on it unless you’re prepared to spend at least an afternoon there.

SECONDLY I’ve got another scooter link! One that links back to me, even! just gotta scoot is a website dedicated to the scooter-obsessed, those who’d rather be out riding than doing most anything else. And it’s ESPECiALLY good on days like today (at least in austin) where it’s dreary and rainy out, too wet and thunderstormy and flash-flood-warning-in-travis-county-y to even consider riding (unless you’ve got an amphiscoot). You can click on the link above and be transported to a world of nothing but scooters, scooter links, scooter talk, all the time! And now they’re in the scootin’ sidebar.

just gotta scoot has even got a link to ME! I’ve just gotta get ‘round to sending in my scooter story for ‘em. (But they did come up with the best julie scootin’ logo EVER!)

aw yeah.

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