Saturday, April 22, 2006

hey, i just randomly discovered that one of my favorite authors, Nalo Hopkinson, she's got a blog! i think i'll link it in the sidebar, yes.

and if you haven't heard of her or checked out her work, start with brown girl in the ring. i admit, i was first drawn to that title because it has the same name as one of my favorite boney m songs (which yes, i realize, is a much older song than boney m is a band), but man, she's good. fantasy/magical realism woven into some expert storytelling (and that's just her FIRST novel). go! read! blog! book! either way is a good bet.

animal blogging!

there's been so much scooter blogging that the animals are feeling a bit left out. luckily, most of them were fairly photogenic this last week...



he's just too cute. and hard to get out of the sink, once he gets in. ugh.

philip got comfy on my desk chair...

and then nora REALLY hates cameras. a lot. it's hard to get good photos of that dog...but i tried my hardest (and so did she)...

Friday, April 21, 2006

the monowheel

watch the video! be amazed! i want one! do they come in 2-stroke?

okay, maybe i'd be too scared. those turns look like they take a lot of practice/getting used to. crazy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

a couple of new (to the blog) anti-creationism blogs that are some good readin':

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

the panda's thumb

both added to the sidebar under "the body politic," since the IDers are all about making the religious into a political matter. exactly what jesus christ would have wanted, right?

Monday, April 03, 2006

hot rod 

hot rod
Originally uploaded by juliebeth.
i blinged my scoot!

okay, you can see the souped-up little chrome aeroplane on the front fender, but not* the back rest/rack i got on there, as well.

i'm all set for the commutin' life, yes indeedy.

*well, you can kinda see it, in this photo taken sunday @ ginny's little longhorn, to which my husband and i both rode our respective bikes, and our houseguests drove their rental car. all three the same color! truly a vision in blue.

it's a killer whale kinda day...


Saturday, April 01, 2006

mini canada announces the skini!

but be sure and check it out TODAY. it's a limited-edition product.

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